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All Seasons Comfort

i-Zipscreen®: High-Tech Motorized Outdoor Blinds i-Zipscreen systems are motorized outdoor blinds that were designed for your all season comfort. The main point of the system is Izip-screen’s specially designed zip which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric. Specially, ensures great privacy and year-round protection from sun, wind, rain and insects. i-Zipscreen's lock technology with its base closure band obtains perfectly protection from sunlight/UV rays.<br />


The zip, the channel and the edge of the blind are all contained within an elegant, slim, aluminium side channel which prevents the blind from drooping and wrinkling. Side channels have self-aligning secure guided movement and all part of the system is made by %100 stainless steel.


The system can be produced in widths up to 6 metres and drops up to 5 metres, which fits almost any area you may build-in. i-Zipscreen is super-strong, flat curtain which saves energy. As an innovative solution you can adapt i-Zipscreen to wherever you like.


i-Zipscreen brings new and seasonal values with its impressive functional and aesthetic features for your architectural solutions. Whatever your blackout, screening or shading challenge, i-Zipscreen has a solution with its a range of different fabrics and colors.

Take advantage of i-Zipscreen®

i-Zipscreen was designed for residential and commercial applications, completely customized to allow you to make the most of your open air entertaining areas, and can be installed as outdoor patio blinds, windows, pergola blinds, balcony shade cloth blinds and more. Blocking out sun heat before it can be absorbed by window panes will give you many advantages. Everything is easy! Even maintenance. i-Zipscreen offers you the choice of how much sun to allow in your space, giving you control of light, heat gain, and privacy. It will be stylishly performed for your terrace, or patio into an attractive shaded space that can be utilized regardless of the weather.<br />


Its minimalist profile is modern and stylish. i-Zipscreen brings new values with its aesthetic features and is produced with the world’s best qualified motor and advanced fabrics. As a special design fully-enclosed motorbox and fabric’s color options will fit your decor.


It’s flexible, easy to operate with remote control and its motorized system very practical for your comfort. According to the wind test by Facade Testing Institute, i-Zipscreen is durable until 130km/h as the best system in its sector. Waranty coverage is 5 Years.


i-Zipscreen provides many different benefits for your privacy with an excellent sun/UV protection, great wind resistance, insects and rain. You may keep out mosquitoes, no-see ums, and all types bugs out on all four sides providing on-demand insect protection.

Perfect Privacy with Architectural Harmony i-Zipscreen®

We rely on technology and creat new outdoor style.
Without a doubt, technology has shaped nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today. According to our customers need, we are creating new styles. The most important factor in the background of our company’s success is our respect for customer satisfaction and quality service principles with high-tech materials.

Exclusive Precontraint Serge Ferrari Technology

This technology involves keeping the composite under tension throught the manufacturing cycle. No elongation and perfect tear resistant. Its thinnes and smooth finish will give an aesthetic quality. When it gives you thermal protection you will enjoy to shade your place.

Impressive functional and aesthetic features

Achilles is PVC film which is used for complete transparency and coated fabrics are energy  aving with a perfect thermal protection. All materials we use has UV Resistance. Allowing as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare in addition to maintaining the user’s connection to the outside world, however, can be challenging.

Tell us how you feel comfortable and we select one of the several options that best fits your shading needs.
For an excellent outward visibility Soltis 86 will block up to %88 of the solar radiation. Improve comfort while maintaining your view. You may feel real comfort If you want to keep your privacy with Soltis 92. It enable to reduce the use of AC. Waterproof of Soltis 96 (w) provides you perfect heat protection and creates instant privacy from your neighbors!. You like glass effect? Excellent Clarity of Achilles films affect your view as glass.

A delightful combination between pergola and i-zipscreen
As a manufacturer of world-class retractable pergola systems and i-zipscreen motorized outdoor blinds we aim your all year comfort. Enjoy your comfort with one remote-control.